How to Behave Safely Online #CyberSecurity #OnlineSafety


Welcome, tech-savvy teens, to an exciting and essential online course that will empower you to navigate the digital world with confidence and stay safe in the ever-evolving online landscape. In today’s interconnected society, it’s crucial to understand the importance of cyber security and online safety. Are you ready to become a savvy and responsible digital citizen? Get ready to unlock the secrets of staying safe online, protect your privacy, and harness the full potential of the digital realm while avoiding the pitfalls that can compromise your security. Let’s embark on an eye-opening journey that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be the master of your online domain!


In this module, you will:  

  • Be able to recognize hidden dangers and threats on the internet that could harm your personal information.
  • Be able to create strong and secure passwords to keep your online information safe.
  • Become proficient in managing your social media profiles efficiently and recognize and take action against cyberbullying.
  • Increase your awareness on digital ethics of being a responsible digital citizen and using technology in a good way.