How to Use Online Learning Platforms


In today’s digital world, learning platforms are your key companions on the educational journey. They’ve transformed the way you learn, making education more accessible, engaging, and interactive. With their easy-to-use interfaces, rich resources, and personalised experiences, these platforms are powerful tools that can significantly impact your learning outcomes. Let’s delve into why learning platforms are so important for you.


In this module you will:

  • develop proficiency in navigating and utilising the features and tools available in a learning platform
  • enhance your digital literacy skills (learn how to effectively search for information, evaluate online resources, and practise responsible digital citizenship within the learning platform environment)
  • develop your ability to independently manage your learning journey through a learning platform (learn how to navigate a platform’s interface, find relevant resources, and organise learning materials)
  • understand how to effectively communicate with instructors and peers on an online learning platform.