Create engaging content with the H5P tool


In this module, you will get more information about a practical tool to strengthen learners’ participation, comprehension, and retention as well as assessment of learners’ progress in one place.

H5P is a powerful tool that enables you to create interactive and engaging content for your learners, enhancing their learning experience and fostering their active participation. In this guide, we will explore the various content types and applications available on the H5P platform, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to leverage its potential in your teaching practice.


In this module, you will be:

  • Be able to identify areas where theylearners have a strong grasp of the content and areas that require further study and improvement.
  • Develop the ability to assess information, evaluate its credibility, and make informed judgment.
  • Identify correct and incorrect responses, understand the rationale behind the answers, and address any misconceptions.