Online, blended and hybrid teaching


Online teaching has become an indispensable component of modern education and refers to the practice of delivering educational content and facilitating learning experiences through digital platforms and the Internet. In whichInternet. Which scope it will be used depends on the school’s digital strategy, technical digital resources that are available for teachers and learners, digital skills of teachers and learners, and readiness of teachers to introduce new ways of delivering and assessing learners’ knowledge and competencies. There are many different models of teaching and learning with the help of digital technology, in this Module we describe online, blended, and hybrid learning.


In this module, you will:

  • Get familiar with different distance learning methods,.
  • Be able to choose the right method according to the subject topics and preparing distance learning materials,.
  • Explore teaching methods that are aligned with the school’s digital strategy,.  
  • Choose appropriate methods to involve all learners with different skills and needs in the lesson,.
  • Be able to use the methods to involve guests from the field of work and/or instructors in the teaching process.

Module Content

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