Before diving in, here are two prerequisites:

  • Make sure that your organisation’s strategy has been approved and is clear for all your VET school’s stakeholders (previous Module). It should be based on the priority areas identified thanks to your SELFIE WBL report, and outline your organisation’s goals. Your DAP will be integrated in and in line with this strategy.

How? You could organise a meeting with your Board of Directors or managers, to remind or inform them of the priorities and goals that have been set up in the previous step (Module 3). It is important to have all the management on board, since these items will represent the foundations of your DAP. Take as much time as necessary, in the end everyone should have a clear vision of what your school wants to accomplish through a Digital Action Plan.

  • If not done already in the previous step, gather a DAP project team that will be responsible for the design, monitoring and evaluation of your Digital Action Plan. Its members should have complementary skills and their expertise will be essential for all the next steps. 

How? See the focus on the DAP Project Team in the additional resource n°1.