2. Running the SELFIE WBL evaluation


In an era marked by rapid digital transformation, the role of vocational schools in preparing learners for the workforce has never been more critical. As you navigate the path towards a more digitally integrated learning environment, SELFIE for Work-Based Learning (SELFIE WBL) can be of immense value to your institution. This tool is particularly significant for Vocational Schools as it caters to the specific needs of your institution in the context of work-based learning. 

The evaluation stage is crucial, holding the key to unlocking valuable insights and shaping future iterations. This module is your roadmap to navigating the evaluation. It provides information on the crucial step of crafting your own specific evaluation questions, ensuring your assessment aligns perfectly with your program’s goals and desired outcomes. Beyond question development, the module will equip you with the tips and tactics needed to run your evaluation seamlessly. 

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will:

  • Identify the key components of the SELFIE WBL questionnaire, including compulsory, optional, and custom statements. 
  • Be able to select appropriate statements from the optional category within the SELFIE WBL questionnaire that align with the digital transition goals and objectives of the vocational school.
  • Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of customown and optional questions. 
  • Be able to identify areas for improvement based on the analysis of data collected through the SELFIE WBL questionnaire.
  • Explore and utilise external resources, including official SELFIE WBL resources, educational technology channels, conferences, webinars, and online communities, to stay updated on digital transition strategies and tools.

Upon completing this course, vocational school managers should have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use SELFIE for Work-Based Learning as a valuable tool to assess and enhance their school’s digital readiness, guiding the institution through a successful digital transition.