Topic 2 – Tips and tactics for running the evaluation

Consider Feedback Mechanisms:

Decide on a mechanism to collect feedback from respondents regarding the clarity and relevance of the statements/questions. This feedback can help you fine-tune the questionnaire and improve the user experience.

Motivate the stakeholders:

Maintaining motivation is an ongoing process. You should create a collaborative and engaging environment that fuels stakeholder commitment and ultimately leads to a successful digital transformation journey.

Pilot the Questionnaire:

Before the full-scale launch, pilot the questionnaire with a small group of stakeholders. This pilot helps identify any issues, such as technical glitches or misunderstandings of the questions.

Define a Communication Plan:

Clearly communicate to all participants the purpose of the questionnaire, the importance of their feedback, and the expected timeline for its completion. Make sure all stakeholders are aware of the questionnaire’s significance. Constantly show stakeholders how important this is for the school, learners and teachers.

Launch the Questionnaire:

Once you have thoroughly prepared, launch the questionnaire to the selected target groups. Encourage high participation rates, as a wide range of feedback will provide a comprehensive view of your school’s digital readiness. Ensure sufficient time to complete the questionnaire.

Collect and Analyse Data:

Collect and analyse the data obtained through the questionnaire. Pay close attention whether your own specific questions really have an added value and make a decision whether to keep them for the follow-up.

By following these logical steps and considerations, you can effectively use SELFIE WBL to assess and enhance your vocational school’s digital readiness and ensure that your efforts contribute to a successful digital transition.