Official SELFIE Resources: The European Commission’s Education and Training website often provides video tutorials, webinars, or instructional videos related to the use of SELFIE. Check their official website or YouTube channel for updates. 

European Commission. SELFIE tool: Supporting students for learning in the digital age. (Last consulted on 07/06/2023). 

Educational Technology Channels: Search for YouTube channels or websites focused on educational technology, digital transition, and edtech tools. They often produce tutorials and guides on how to use specific tools like SELFIE.

EU Science Hub. Setting up SELFIE: a guide for school coordinators. (Last consulted on 07/06/2023). 

Educational Conferences and Webinars: Many educational conferences and webinars are recorded and made available online. Look for recordings of sessions related to SELFIE and digital transition in education on platforms like YouTube or websites of educational  organisationsorganizations.

UNESCO-UNEVOC. Webinar: How Europe is addressing the digital education challenge: DigComp, DigCompEdu, SELFIE WBL. (Last consulted on 07/06/2023). 

Professional Development Platforms: Websites like Coursera, edX, and LinkedIn Learning offer courses on various educational topics. They may include video content related to SELFIE and digital readiness in education.

Educational Blogs and Podcasts: Explore educational blogs and podcasts that discuss edtech and digital transformation in schools. They may share video content or interviews with experts in the field.
Online Education Communities: Platforms like Edutopia or eLearning Industry sometimes include video content on educational tools and strategies for digital transition.