This could be a lesson at a vocational school on a specific topic (Graphic Design). The lesson approach is intended to show how EdTech (Gamification) tools can be used and combined well in a lesson. Maybe you can do something similar in your lessons.

Topic: Introduction to Graphic Design

Objective: Learners will be able to identify and explain the basic principles of graphic design.

  • Learners will create their Classcraft characters and join the class.
  • The teacher will introduce the topic of graphic design and provide a brief overview of the basic principles.
  • Learners will complete a Kahoot! quiz to assess their understanding of the principles of graphic design.
  • Learners will work in pairs to complete a breakoutEDU challenge that requires them to use the principles of graphic design to create a poster promoting a fictional product.
  • Learners will present their posters to the class and receive feedback from their classmates and the teacher.
  • Learners who successfully completed the Kahoot! quiz and the breakoutEDU challenge will earn experience points and level up their Classcraft characters.
  • The teacher will use the Classcraft analytics to monitor learners’ progress and provide targeted feedback as needed.