Activity 1: Basic rules of netiquette

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Remember, you are not anonymous on the internet. Online education, regardless of the form (hybrid, blended or online learning) requires you as a learner to behave accordingly. In vocational education you have contact with the head teacher, the teachers/instructors of practical training, employers and your peers. Online VET requires communication between all these groups. 

Before your next online lesson or before any online meeting make sure you have checked and followed all the points below:

  1. Your nickname should be relevant and appropriate. At school, you are identified by your first and last name. While online, you can use a nickname, but remember that it should not be vulgar, insulting to a social group or any person, and should not violate someone’s comfort zone.
  2. Think carefully when you use a photo or create your avatar. Remember that your nickname and photo/avatar will be used to contact both teachers and peers. Don’t choose a photo of your holidays on the beach, but rather a professional photo. 
  3. If you are using a webcam, use a virtual or neutral background (e.g. white wall). Otherwise, everything behind you will be visible to other users (learners and teachers).
  4. When the microphone is switched on, you can hear everything around you, including your siblings, pets, phone or TV. Switch off unnecessary equipment, ask your household members to be quiet, and remember to switch off the microphone when you talk to someone in your room.
  5. When you interact with the teacher in class, ask specific, concise questions. Keep your sentences short so that the teacher can hear you accurately. Allow the teacher to answer your questions, turn off the microphone so as not to cause interference. Remember that there is a short delay in broadcast messages during an online conversation.
  6. You will also have time to talk to your peers during or between lessons. During this time the teacher can hear you. Behave and talk in an appropriate manner.

Can you think of any other basic netiquette rules that should be followed by every Internet user? Work individually or with a colleague and name them.