Activity 3: Netiquette violation

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Read this text from a VET learners’ forum. Point out examples of netiquette violations.

Jack_94: has anyone anything for the presentation about Tennessee Williams? 😉

Anita: I’m collecting info… OMG… soooo boring!!!

Gizmo: see here: www.linkownia/tekst/gim/polski_22.html 

User124: there are totally different things in this link than Jack asked for! Why are you cheating????

Anita: I already have pictures!!! 😉

Anita: they will fit ^^

Anita: only I still can’t find one text… it’s nowhere to be found

Anita: I’ve been looking and looking and looking and looking……. it doesn’t seem to be anywhere HELP!!! ;(

Anita: why come up with such difficult tasks. WHY I ASK!!!

Anita: do you have an idea where to look! A biographical note, describing his youth, has to be long….

Anita: it’s terribly boring… 😐

Anita: I want to go somewhere instead of sitting here….

Gizmo: @User124: again some idiot wants to take someone else’s work and present it as his own!!!!!???? What a moron. He steals and that’s it!!! I know such people, when he gets 5 he roars like a fool!!!

User124: nobody is forcing you to speak. And why are you spamming the forum? <nonono> 😉

Gizmo: you’re nuts! If you allow yourself to be robbed, it’s your business! I’m spamming? @Anita: DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE ENTER????? Didn’t they teach it in school yet? Maybe I should write instructions, but then you will say I am spamming with unnecessary information….

Jack_94: I don’t understand what’s the problem. I’ve read your other posts – you’re just attacking people.

@Anita: don’t worry, he does it to everyone….

Gizmo: oh! how nicely the nerds defend themselves. They must have learnt how to steal from their rents and now they do it. No work, no effort, no stress. You are pathetic!

User124: you are a fool yourself! Their parents at least had something to teach them. Your parents know nothing so they have nothing to teach you… sorry!!!

Jack_94: so does anyone have the materials? I don’t even know where to start looking 🙁

Gizmo: how dare you insult my parents! You don’t know what they’ve been through, not like yours, 

they didn’t teach you not to steal. How could they have brought you up like that!

@Jack_94: keep on being lazy, what… an impolite geek!!!

Anita: My friend took my essay recently and gave it as his own at another school. Things like that

are still happening. In fact, there is nothing to help scammers….

Anita: and what’s with the enter

Anita: ?

Anita: I’m asking because I don’t know what you mean 😉

Anita: has anyone seen Wednesday? OMG I love this series! ;-))))

User124: leave mine, I’ll leave yours! And Jack could actually do some work himself… it’s good for health ;]

Gizmo: dude you are User124!!! Rudeness on the net needs to be exterminated! The series is as stupid as a shoe off your left foot.

Find something better …:-/

User124: I saw it and I didn’t like it either! It was boring. 

Anita: it’s a shame, but I still have to learn

Anita: ;(

Janek_94: people! This is not a forum about series. Does anyone have these materials! I really really need them!

User124: are you still here?Anita: I won’t give my dissertation… look for it yourself 😉