Activity 2

Prioritise the areas for immediate improvement identified in the previous exercise. To do this, use the following table:


Use the following scale:

[I]mpact – expected impact 

1: no impact on the goal

2-5: minimal impact on the goal

6-8: clear impact on the goal

9-10: significant impact on the goal

[C]onfidence – estimated probability of success

1-3: high risk level, lots of unknown factors

4-7: medium risk level, we have information on several important factors, but details of implementation are unclear

8-10: low risk level, we have a lot of feedback and other data for appropriate implementation

[E]ase – difficulty of implementation 

1-2: long-term

3-5: medium term

6-7: short term

8-10: one day or less

By engaging in the process of reviewing and prioritising the SELFIE WBL School Report and setting SMART goals, managers can enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies related to data analysis, goal setting, leadership, and fostering continuous improvement in the school environment.