Are you ready to learn online? #HomeLearningMode #PracticalAdvice


Learning successfully and efficiently online, hybrid or just using digital tools and platforms at home is not as simple as it sounds! In the following module, we would like to present some practical tips that can help learners in using these tools effectively and efficiently during their home learning. The suggestions and advice provided here are partly based on home office experiences during the pandemic, and partly based on suggestions from universities specialized in online education and blended learning.

In this module, we will focus on the following three themes:
1. What competences and skills do learners need for effective online learning?
2. Why is time management important for learners in home learning and what are the most important aspects of time management in home learning?
3. The presentation of open-source self-assessment tools to measure the readiness for online learning


In  this module, you will :

  • be able to understand and identify the competences required for successful online home learning
  • understand and identify the key time management practices and tools needed for online home learning
  • identify areas for development that will enable you to learn more effectively and efficiently through online and digital self-learning.