Activity 3

This activity is linked to Read Section > Topic 2  : importance of time management. Please read it before running the activity

Write down 5 or 6 lines about why you think time management is important for successful learning. You can start by explaining your thoughts  about the concept of time management. You can also think about why and how a day can be “broken down” and become “ineffective” for learning, or what kind of techniques you use, that help you manage your time.

If needed, use the following table mentioning some statements you may agree with, explaining the interest of time management:

I think time management is important for successful learning because….How can I illustrate this statement? Give at least one example.
it enables you to accomplish your goals faster 
it enables you to prioritize your work 
it enables you to get more done in less time 
it reduces stress levels  
it helps you become more efficient 
[Feel free to add more propositions to complete the sentence]