Topic 1 – Essential personal skills 

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You can successfully and effectively use digital tools for autonomous online learning when you are

● self-disciplined

● self-motivated

● goal- and task-oriented

● able to self-assess their learning progress, 

● able and willing to read, have good writing skills, 

● have self-management and planning skills, 

● can manage their time well

Equally important skills are 

● task orientation, 

● endurance

● autonomy, and, besides the ability to work autonomously, many online courses also demand that learners work in online groups to solve problems and complete common projects.

They must have appropriate digital and technological skills, like 

● basic computer skills, 

● digital communication and writing skills, 

● web search and critical thinking (finding and critically evaluating digital resources), 

● online collaboration skills. 

Finally, being a successful learner also requires good quality  sleep, a healthy diet, and physical activity. Your physical and mental well-being is a top priority. So it is very important to be able to and willing to maintain your physical and mental health, and to ask for help from others if it is needed.

Before moving forward to topic 2 “Importance of time management”, complete activity 1 and 2.