Activity 2

This activity is linked to Read Section > Topic 1 : Essential personal skills. Please read it before running the activity

From the table you fulfilled in Activity 1, choose 3 statements you are good at, and add your useful advice from your own practice. What concrete advice would you give to help others enhance this skill? Make sure that your ideas are clearly formulated, so they are understandable to everyone. 

Similarly, from the table in Activity 1, choose three of the skills that you would like to develop. Look for ideas on the web to develop those competencies (see websites in the section additional resources if necessary)

Soft and transversal skillsUseful advice to help others enhance this skillWhat you could do to develop this skill yourself
·        self-disciplined 
·        self-motivated 
·        goal- and task oriented 
·        able to self-assess your  learning progress 
·        able and willing to read, have good writing skills 
·        capable of self-management and planning 
·        capable of managing your time  
·        task orientation 
·        endurance 
·        autonomy 
·        online group working skills 
Technical and digital skills 
·        basic computer skills 
·        digital communication and writing skills 
·        web search and critical thinking 
Further life skills 
·        skills connected to physical and mental health  
·        willingness to ask for help