Activity 5

This activity is linked to Read Section > Topic 4  : Tips and tricks to avoid wasting time. Please read it before running the activity

From the list of tips and tactics suggested below, choose the top 5 tools that you think can improve your time management the most and therefore save you time for learning.

Tips and tactics to improve time managementWhich are the ones you already use ?Which are the ones you think you can put into practice?
Identify Time-Wasters  
Switch off social media apps, and all notifications for the duration of your learning (many phones have a do not disturb mode built in, use it)  
Allocate 3 hours of dedicated study time each day when you’re not doing anything else  
Don’t answer questions immediately, allocate time after you have finished studying  
Create a To-Do list to plan your day  
Break large learning projects into smaller, manageable learning tasks  
Prioritize and schedule your tasks (important, not important, urgent, not urgent, what can be done in few minutes, and what will take longer to complete)  
Try starting with the task that you dread the most “Eat that frog”  
Try to concentrate on one task, avoid switching between multiple tasks as it disrupts your concentration, do not multitask   
Try to finish what you planned for the day  
Complete what you started, don’t switch to another task until the one before is complete  
Set deadlines for yourself whenever possible  
Define who can distract you while you are studying and don’t let others take up your time  
Learn to say no, they will understand it, if you want to say no do it quick  
Establish daily learning routines  
Keep your study place tidy  
Create a learning environment in your room  
Plan your breaks, use the Pomodoro technique, take short, regular, timed breaks  
Remember to take some time off and relax (technology is tiring)  
Give your mind a rest  
Schedule your study time so that you study when you can concentrate the most and you are energized   
Do not hesitate to ask for help  
Schedule some time to be active physically and spend time on your mental wellbeing  
When resting try to avoid thinking about what you have not done and allow yourself to rest and relax  
Use digital time and project management tools