5. Implementing and evaluating your SELFIE-based DAP


During the previous modules for managers, you have seen: 

1) why it is important to prepare and develop the engagement of your colleagues, teachers, learners and in-company trainers involved in the survey before it starts. 

2) when it is useful to develop your own questions and what is the best way to do it. You could see some practical ideas on how to run a survey.

3) We discussed the importance of prioritisation in interpreting the results of the SELFIE WBL survey and in setting strategic objectives for improving digital teaching/learning at your VET school.

4) Finally, you could gain practical knowledge on the development of your SELFIE-based Digital Action Plan (DAP), that is in line with the strategy of your school.

Now, we would like to introduce you to how to implement and put into practice the institutional DAP that you have developed. The implementation of your school’s Digital Action Plan will be interpreted as a process of change and organisational development, where change means (among other things) developing the knowledge and competences of the participants, learning and applying new tools and teaching/learning methods, introducing and applying new models of collaboration, knowledge and experience sharing, and developing organisational values.

In this module, we will focus on the following three topics:

  1. How can we evaluate whether the school is ready to implement the planned improvements and changes, and what should we consider when preparing the institution for change? How can we identify, interpret and use the driving forces of change and reduce the restraining forces of change in the process of change implementation?
  2. How to be prepared for natural resistance to change coming from teachers and trainers, how to identify and categorise it, and how to manage and/or overcome it? 
  3. Finally, how can change be consolidated to become part of the organisational culture of the school so that, with time passing, things do not go back to how they were before? What tools do school leaders and managers have at their disposal?

Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will:

  • understand and identify the drivers for developing digital learning and teaching in VET schools
  • interpret the main reasons for resistance from the teachers, trainers and learners against the implementation of your institutional Digital Action Plan
  • reduce and overcome this resistance
  • manage the change process and monitor its achievement and integration into the organisational culture of your school.