This concludes not only this module but also the whole CPD course for managers. If you have completed all five modules, you now have the following knowledge:

  • how to develop the engagement of teachers, learners and in-company trainers to conduct the SELFIE WBL self-reflection
  • How to tailor the questions and what challenges you may face when conducting the self-reflection
  • How to read and use the results of the self-reflection
  • how to prioritise SELFIE WBL items and translate the results into SMART goals
  • How to break down prioritised goals into actions to build a Digital Action Plan

After this particular module you know:

  • How to build stakeholder commitment to the implementation of the Digital Action Plan
  • How to manage the implementation of a digital strategic plan as a complex organisational change
  • How to manage potential resistance
  • And how and what to monitor during the implementation of the DAP