Understanding the change – development of the SELFIE-based digitally enhanced teaching and learning

The introduction of a SELFIE-based digital development plan represents a complex change across several areas of the school (recall the eight areas of the SELFIE survey), with elements that are closely interlinked with each other, with the learner being at the centre of it. The close interconnectedness of the domains means that it is almost impossible to change only one element of the domains covered by the survey independently of the others, and that change can only be made by coordinating each of the domains.

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For this kind of complex development of organisations, schools being no exception, we always use the methods of organisational development and change management. To understand this, watch the following short free resource training video that presents a simple yet meaningful model for complex organisational change. This video provides the framework for this learning module:

Lewin’s Change Theory – UnFreeze, Change, ReFreeze Method

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