Activity 1

Here is a table you can use to evaluate and analyse your source of information 

Activity : Choose one piece of information you found and try to evaluate it thanks to this table.

Tool to evaluate the reliability of information (from Université de Limoges)

3 pointsInformation comes from a well known or famous organisation. Many professionals participate to its creationthe information is published on a known or reputed professional mediumdifferent arguments and points of viewthe author cites and makes available his sourcesThe source is current
2 pointsthe author is qualified in the field concernedthe information is published on a less well-known mediumThe author has a bias but exposes various argumentsthe author cites his sources without making them available for consultationthe content is less relevant for current data, but still provides a good overview of the subject
1 pointthe author is mentioned but seems unreliable or takes for granted someone else’s workthe information is published on a medium where content can be modified by anyone or is very short (forums, social networks)Bias with few or without argumentsAuthor’s opinions onlyThe information is out of date but it corresponds to my historical work.
0 pointanonymousNone of the above criteriaText with bias but claiming objectivity. Only value judgmentsNo citationsData are no longer up to date

NOW add points !