Topic  5 –  Fake news

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What is fake news?
The Internet gathers misinformation. Fake news is a false story designed to look like a good one and makes it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

How to determine what is true / what is false, misleading information ?

Analyse headlines:
Don’t you notice that very often, facing sensational stories, we are very much eager to fall for it? We don’t even read it before sharing. That is one reason why the spreading of fake news is really fast online

Activate your self control system: if you are not completely sure of the information, don’t share it and use tools for fact checking : source, author, context of information, crossed information, etc…Always reflect on how you encountered the story. What is it aimed at ?
Our own personal bias could affect our judgement and avoid critical thinking : the more information fits what we think, the more we are willing to avoid checking. We have no desire to check for accuracy.