Topic  3 – Social Networks

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Is information from social networks worth using ? Is it relevant and true ? How to check a rumour circulating on social networks ?

Mind you ! Rumour or information ?

  • A rumour is based on what one has said
  • An information comes from a reliable and verifiable source

Adopt the same kind of attitude towards information > SOURCE, OBJECTIVE, DATE, AUTHOR

1. Identify the author : who is speaking ? (famous media ? public person ? unknown guy ?)

2. Assume that information given on the web by a stranger with no way of verifying it is more false than true

3. Rely on recognised media and identified experts instead of an unknown source

4. Try to trace information back to its source

5. A basic principle is that if several media give the same information, it has a good chance of being true. If you can’t find the same information somewhere else, this calls for the utmost caution

6. Check the date

7. Mind you with a hard hitting message. Some messages play on emotion, especially those from social networks. It is not a question of whether that information or photo is cute or but you have to be aware of the risk of being caught in a trap.

8. A shared message is not automatically true. It only means that it is popular, it provokes reactions.

9. It is really important to think before sharing, to check before taking it for granted.