Topic 1 : What is information ?

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Make the difference between opinion, belief and knowledge

  • For instance an opinion is a kind of statement rather individual, that comes from what you think. It represents a viewpoint or judgement about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

An opinion is based on many different factors, all of which are more or less objective and rational: knowledge, beliefs, information from various sources, individual or collective experiences, or cultural and social data.

Remember that one opinion is personal, but it can be debated, exposed and confronted, which often allows it to evolve

“To my mind, there are other extraterrestrial lives in the universe”

“Killian Mbappé is the best football player ever!”

  • A Belief is another kind of statement, something that is accepted, considered to exist or to be true, especially one without proof

A belief is an individual, subjective certainty that may be based on authority or trust, but which has not been objectively validated. A belief is not rationally justified and therefore cannot be refuted

“E.T. have already reached our planet and live among us”

“All asian football matches are rigged and held by the Yakusa”

  • Knowledge is based on objective, concrete and rational data and facts that can be justified, proven and validated collectively.

“Scientists use powerful radio telescopes to try to intercept an artificial signal from the depths of the universe”

“AC Milan is the italian club with the most tifosi”

You got it? It is all the more important that on the web, information you get, read or would like to copy/paste 😊 can be opinions, believes or knowledge. What is at stake for you is to be very careful in analysing it.