A mind map that could have been created by a learner of a VET school:

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Goals to reach:

  • To understand their learning and training correctly, learners need to know how their training takes place and where to find the overall information concerning the framework of alternatives. 
  • The training centre may gather this information in digital form, to allow wide accessibility (learner, teachers, in-company trainers, and possibly parents) and make it available to the learner. 
  • The use of a dedicated platform makes it possible to gather and transmit necessary information for the smooth running of the training.

Advantages of collaborative tools:

  • Organisational information (periods in companies and training periods, exams periods, schedule, and classrooms, contact information), 
  • Milestones in the learner’s training, elements related to evaluations and knowledge assessment,  
  • Educational resources (course content and complementary resources, exam framework, and content related to the profession, such as the business skills framework).