Activity 1: The existing digital school environment, the landscape of my VET school 

Objective: “Learners understand and identify”

This initial learning activity aims to explore the digital landscape of the school environment, focusing on the learners’ perspective. In other words, we suggest that it is a compulsory step to define with your learners what kind of applications, digital tools or platforms are in use, what for, and how to access them. You can use various ways to draw this schema. 

The idea is to create, and develop this drawing with the whole class group, on a board, or using software (brainstorming apps), it is up to you. We only recommend that the final drawing should be easily understandable, to each learner and the whole group, and should enable personal adding (own notes). Whether it is written or digital, a copy of it should be available.  

As you make it all together, and step by step, you will pay particular attention to their questions and therefore be very precise in the answers

Don’t forget that the more you make your learners participate, the more they will integrate, understand, and use the tools mindfully since they are actors of the exercise. 

How to start? 

  • Ask your learners which solution/apps/tools they are using when they are at school (online timetable, etc….). 
  • Brainstorm in the classroom to gather initial knowledge about the digital school environment.

Expected result of the activity: the learners now have a list of digital classroom/training and study tools, and they understand what they are used for.