1. Setting up SELFIE WBL in your school


SELFIE WBL is a free online tool that helps schools assess the level of their use of digital technologies for innovative and effective learning. The SELFIE WBL self-assessment involves several groups of stakeholders: the school head teacher and managers, teachers, learners, and in-company trainers (read more about the SELFIE WBL tool in  Additional Resources).

This module describes the preparatory phase for SELFIE WBL self-assessment in schools. It includes gathering information, informing and actively involving the different SELFIE WBL stakeholders.


In this module you will:

  • Identify the reasons for conducting a SELFIE WBL self-assessment at school
  • Outline the benefits of the SELFIE WBL self-assessment
  • Understand the need to conduct an introductory interview with teachers and in-company trainers who will take an active part in the SELFIE self-assessment