Topic 1 – What does the SELFIE WBL self-assessment involve?

The SELFIE WBL self-assessment involves several groups of stakeholders: the school head teacher and managers, teachers, learners, and in-company trainers. Each participant should know what such a self-assessment is about, and why it is so important to answer the questions honestly. It is a good idea to interview each of the stakeholder groups taking part in the self-assessment. 

As many participants as possible should take part in the self-assessment. The exact instructions on the numbers to be achieved are available in the SELFIE Guide 1: (p. 12-13).  It is a good solution if a person who is involved in the education of learners on a daily basis takes part in the self-assessment on behalf of the company. 

After the self-assessment, the school receives a report that can be used to build the school’s digital strategy or improve it. In this case, it is suggested to analyse the school’s current digital strategy before starting the self-assessment.

SELFIE WBL also provides insight into in-company trainers’ level of commitment to the use of digital technologies in education and their willingness to upskill and innovate in this area.

It is necessary to dedicate a 1h time for participants to complete the self-assessment. Depending on the size of the school, the management must involve at least 1 or 2 teachers to help their colleagues understand and prepare the self-assessment.