A few words on SELFIE WBL

SELFIE WBL is a free online tool that helps schools assess the level of their use of digital technologies for innovative and effective learning. The SELFIE WBL tool is a questionnaire consisting of short statements and questions with an answer scale from 1 to 5 with which to determine a certain level of digital literacy. The tool collects responses anonymously, so it is not possible to attribute specific statements to an individual, but to determine a school’s overall level in the use of digital technologies for learning. Based on the data received, SELFIE WBL generates a report in which the school can identify its strengths and weaknesses in the use of technology.

With SELFIE WBL, schools can get a picture of where they stand in terms of their use of digital technologies, taking into account the views of teachers, learners and school leaders. This self-assessment process can help start a dialogue within the school about potential areas for improvement. SELFIE WBL also enables the school to monitor progress over time. (source:; last consulted on 28/02/2024)