After following this module, you are already aware of the reason why it is important to prepare all stakeholders before completing the self-assessment. You can identify and communicate the benefits of doing the self-assessment for different stakeholders. Also, you have learned a few tips for developing the commitment of the stakeholders.

The SELFIE WBL tool makes it possible to determine the level of digital technology use in schools and the level of involvement of learners, teachers, in-company trainers, and management in the learning process using IT tools. The implementation of the self-assessment requires the involvement of teachers who will conduct the self-assessment among learners. In order to motivate teachers, it is best to interview them so that they can ask relevant questions.

The next module is strongly related to this one, and deals with what to look out for when stakeholders complete the self-assessment. It also focuses on tailoring questions to make the best possible use of the SELFIE WBL self-assessment. We recommend that you also take that module and the following ones.