Topic 2 – how to engage your school’s ecosystem?

The SELFIE WBL self-assessment is conducted in a VET school to determine the level of use of IT tools in the teaching-learning process and to identify the school’s resources, strengths and weaknesses. The results of the self-assessment are expected to contribute to the quality of the school’s work with digital technologies. The most important element of every school is the learner. Teachers, on the other hand, develop their skills in order to improve the learning process. The SELFIE WBL self-assessment process itself needs to be carefully prepared and, at the same time, the participants involved must know the purpose of the self-assessment. Selected teachers will carry out the self-assessment with learners, whereas the managers will conduct the self-assessment with teachers. It is important that both managers and teachers know the benefits of carrying out the self-assessment. The main benefits are summed up in the infographics below, for each group of stakeholders.