Activity 1

This activity is linked to Read Section > Topic 1 : The reason for the change. Please read it before running the activity

Please think about the previous question a bit differently:
What would your school be like in 10 years if there were no innovative digital pedagogical developments compared to today’s level?
We would like you to involve your colleagues in this exercise, discuss it in a group and formulate your shared views. 

How do you think your school would be attractive for learners, teachers, and international Erasmus+ partnerships? Would your school have enough talented and capable learners? What would be the profile and motivation of the teachers? Would you like to work in this school? 

If you are up for it, you can create a so-called rich picture that visualises the situation, but you can also record your thoughts using notes.

Mindmap created with the open-source software Framindmap 

We are very curious about the outcome of your “pessimistic scenario”. If your overall view is that “I don’t want to work at this school”, then it is high time to develop an institutional digital teaching and learning strategy and get engaged in its development.