Topic 5: Developing a SELFIE-based institutional digital action plan

A suggested process for developing an institutional digital learning and teaching action plan is illustrated in the following figure. As a result of the SELFIE PTK Erasmus+ project, it is available as an open educational resource. Please review the diagram and interpret it for your school to understand the workflow.

You are now ready to be involved in the process and to be an effective member of an action plan development team.

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To learn more about the project and its results, please visit the project website: 

Website : SELFIE Pedagogical Innovation Assistant Toolkit (SELFIE PTK)
Last consulted on 05/03/2024

When a school develops an institutional digital learning and teaching action plan, it needs the active involvement of teachers and (hopefully) learners. SMART and agreed goals should be set for each of the eight areas of the SELFIE WBL. These targets should be harmonised and well balanced on the basis of their interdependence. Only then can these goals be broken down and turned into individual actions, to form an action plan.