Activity 3

This activity is linked to Read Section> Topic 2  : SELFIE WBL as the basis for the digital development plan. Please read it before running the activity

Answer the questions below:

How do you evaluate the digital readiness of your school in the following areaslowmediumexcellent
Leadership commitment and strategy direction
Collaboration, networking for knowledge sharing, peer learning (in school/between the schools) 
Digital teaching knowledge and competencies of the teachers 
Digital learning knowledge and competencies of the learners
Technology/digital pedagogy and classroom implementation support for teachers  
Availability of digital content and curriculum, and/or own development of digital content and resources
Use of digital tools and applications in teaching and learning (in classroom and home), for assessment and exams
Infrastructure and equipment

If you would like to complete a longer self-assessment (5 questions) and would like to know the results of the questionnaire, follow this link. By doing so, you will also contribute to our project research.

Form : Understanding SELFIE based institutional digital development action Plan

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