Activity 2

This activity is linked to Read Section > Topic 1  : The reason for the change. Please read it before running the activity

Creating, implementing, and successfully delivering a complex and comprehensive institutional digital action plan requires a complex approach by school leaders and teachers.  This kind of complex school development requires the use of organisational development and change management methods. The process always starts with the analysis of the change context. 

To understand this

  1. Watch the short, open-source training video below, which demonstrates a simple but meaningful model for the kind of complex organisational change you will be an active part of.

VIDEO : Forcefield analysis : an introduction from Optima training
Last consulted on 05/03/2024

  1. Do the force field analysis for your school
  • Include among the driving forces the benefits of change (school and personal benefits – learners’ benefits, teacher benefits, management benefits)
  • Think about and list the external/internal pressures that further motivate the change related to digital development. Think about legislation, societal expectations, or, if it makes sense, creating any competitive advantage over other schools or the opposite: eliminating a disadvantage. 
  • Identify the forces, i.e. handicaps and constraints, that hold back change. 

Which side do you think is stronger? Do you think this change can be introduced because the driving forces are stronger? How could the driving forces be used to facilitate/ease the introduction of the necessary changes. How could the restraining forces be reduced?

  1. Spend about 10 minutes on this task independently and make notes for yourself, then spend another 20 minutes discussing the results with your colleagues: what do they think about the feasibility of introducing the change?

So are you ready for being actively involved in the change based on your school’s institutional digital action plan?